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    Pro Care Physio has been around for five years since September 2015, all while gaining the trusts of thousands of patients through its holistic, quality and effective services. Found by a team of trained, professional physiotherapists with eleven years of experience, Pro Care Physio has been top notch in providing therapy and rehabilitation to those affected by injuries, illness or disabilities.

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    Spine Management
    Joint Management
    Headaches and Migraine Management
      Headaches and
    Migraine Management
    Neurological Rehabilitation
    Post-Operative Rehabilitation
    Sports Rehabilitation
    Paediatric Rehabilitation
    Geriatric Wellness
    Circulatory Wellness
    Corporate Physiotherapy Service
    Physiotherapy Service
    Spinal Decompression Therapy
    Decompression Therapy
    Manual Therapy
    Therapeutic Modalities


    What Our Patient Say

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    Chelliah Muthu Kana
    Joyce Chua
    I went to different chiropractors, does not seem to help for my lumbar back pain and it's been 6 months. I met Moli the owner and an experienced physiotherapist, she treated for almost 12 rounds and guided me through yoga stretch and light exercise. My back has completely heal. Moli is a passionate physiotherapist, and she sincerely wants her patients to heal. Thank you, Moli
    Joyce Chua
    10 April 2020
    Amutha Selvaraj
    Eddie Mcguire
    Went with a knee problem, had a consultation and was told what the treatment would be so booked a course of treatments.
    The staff were very helpful and friendly, also knowledgeable about what they were doing, ultrasound followed by massage and then treatment for the circulation to help the healing process, after 9 treatments my knee is well on the road to recovery, pity I
    Eddie Mcguire
    23 June 2020
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    Chelliah Muthu Kana
    Cheng G.Y
    Experienced ,friendly professional staffs carry out physio effective treatment. I have done for my stiff neck and shoulder and am really satisfied with their services provided.

    6 October 2020
    Venulatha Michael
    Venulatha Michael

    Very friendly and polite therapist. They're knowledgeable and able to guide and advice the treatments needed very precisely. My dad had an misalignment bone on his ankle and wasn't able to walk. Pro Care had given the necessary treatment and cured his problem. Similarly, I had severe pain on my knees and upon getting treatment from Pro Care I'm able to continue my daily 
    Venulatha Michael
    16 March 2017
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    Venkidasirum Thirumalai

    Was suffering from herniated disc (Sciatica) for more than 3 months. Had serious pain at the calf area on my right leg. Could hardly walk or stand for few minutes. Consulted 2 different specialist doctors in Johor Bahru and was advised to either do an op or to get an epidural injection. Decided to get a third opinion from a reputable specialist centre in Kuala Lumpur. Same advice
    Venkidasirum Thirumalai
    20 Ogos 2019
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    Darlene Gilmour

    Darlene Gilmour

    I have been going to pro care physio now for over a year. I originally went with terrible back pain that was interfering with my daily life, and I knew I could not put up with it for much longer. I was assessed by the physio and put on a program that included going 3 times a week for 10 weeks. I didn’t think it would work, but I was wrong and  
    Darlene Gilmour
    12 June 2019
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    I seeked the services of Pro Care Physiotherapy Center in Dec 2020 after being admitted with severe backache. Overall, I ve had an extremely pleasant experience and smooth recovery with the treatment rendered. The knowledgeble and friendly demeanor of the physiotherapist is an important factor. The center is well equipped and has a calming ambiance. I am grateful that the center was able to assist me in reimbursing the treatment fee using my insurance. I would definitely recommend Pro care Physio Center to my family and friends. Thank you Pro Care Physio


    Due to diabetic, I suffered from numbness and needle poking pain on my right foot. Pro Care Physio has given me the treatment for two months and I am able to walk normal now. I always enjoyed my session with their warm welcome, friendly staff, ambience environment with nice mild music that always make me relaxed. I would strongly recommend their wonderful services!!

    Muzaffar Khan

    Saya ada sakit slipdisc yg teruk.. 3 bulan tak boleh bangun..Alhamdulillah saya dpt tempat yg bagus untuk rawatan sakit ini tanpa melakukan pembedahan..nasihat doktor supaya buat operation, itu pun sihat 80% sahaja sihat.. 2% kemungkinan boleh cacat.. Saya pulih sepenuhnya dlm masa 2 bulan..sekarang boleh jalan dan bekerja..sakit pun tiada lagi. Thank you Allah.. Syukur pada Allah telah jumpakan saya tempat di pro care physio johor bahru..


    I can’t thank you enough for the special, excellent care Pro Care Physio have provided and for the unique gift Pro Care Physio are to their patients. Since 2018 and until now, I am blessed that Pro Care Physio helped me recover quickly and I have great confidence in their abilities. The staff have made such a huge difference for me. I am feeling much better, and I appreciate all Pro Care Physio have done. Thank you ~ Razie


    I suffered with neck pain for a few years back which gave me a constant achy pain and sometimes radiated along my arms. It was diagnosed as 'slipped disc'. The physio has explain in detail regarding my condition and treatment plan in a professional way. After receiving treatment from Pro Care Physio, my neck feel much better and now I am able to do my daily activities without any disruption. Thanks to Pro Care Physio for their professional services. And I must say that I'm in love with their purple ambience environment!! Highly recommended

    James Patrick

    I am very satisfied with the physiotherapy treatment I am receiving in Pro Care. From the beginning of my journey, the care given to me has been excellent. The environment is both professional and friendly. The centre is spotlessly clean and hygienic and is maintained at this level at all times. My physiotherapist, Alia, is top notch, caring and committed to ensuring 100% recovery. I would have no hesitation recommending Pro Care Physio.


    Sincerely thank you to the Pro Care Physio staffs especially Ms Moli and Ms Amira for helping to assist me on my slip disc until I am cured. I am very satisfied with your services and definitely will recommend to others.

    Trudy Cox

    I have suffered from migraine headaches from the age of 12 years old. I am now 42 years old and have tried acupuncture, brain mri scans, visits to neurologists for many years in Australia. In August 2020, I was referred to Pro Care Physio by an Expat Friend and i started treatment with Valarmoli and her team. I have received A1 treatment from this health care team. My neck/back treatment from Valarmoli is a personalised signature treatment. I am now on maintenance program. I am living life with no heaaches/migraines and go every week for treatment. Thank you to Valarmoli and her team. You have changed my life. Thank you, Trudy Cox

    Cheng G.Y

    My wife went to KPJ hospital for her leg injury after a fall in bathroom . The Doctor recommended for physiotherapy. I heard of Pro Care Physio from some of my friends . She signed up for a package. Soon after the finished first package. She started walking without any aides . She is happy and continue sign up one more package just to ensure she can return to her normal activities of yoga, morning tai chi and brisk walking.