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The health and wellness of our patients are our top priority, hence we provide only top-notch physiotherapy services while ensuring a holistic recovery.
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Pro Care Physio was established in September 2015 and has been gaining trust and acclaim from thousands of patients holistic, quality and effective services. In 2020, Pro Care Physio was awarded the Physiotherapy Centre of The Year in Asia Pacific Award from the 2020 Global Health Awards. This was an accreditation to the continuous effort and dedication invested by the founders.


Every physiotherapist from Pro Care Physio holds at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy or in related fields, and have undergone proper training prior to being assigned as a professional physiotherapist. All physiotherapists are registered with the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association.


Located conveniently in the city centre, Pro Care Physio is frequently visited by patients requiring treatment for various conditions. Bearing in mind to serve as many patients as possible, Pro Care Physio operates on weekends and has also imposed longer operating hours which enables patients who have busy schedules to set appointments during the weekend or even post 9-5 working hours. With this, patients need not worry about skipping a day of work with our flexible hours.


Patients with insurance or medical cards could consult with an expert from our team regarding claiming benefits from their insurance. Our team members are always prepared to assist on any process regarding the documentations and procedures for claims that could ease a patient’s financial burden.


Pro Care Physio was founded by a team of trained physiotherapists with at least 11 years of experience in physiotherapy centres, nursing homes, home treatments, and in-house clinics. The team focuses on providing multi-feature rehabilitation services for patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, paediatric and circulatory conditions. Apart from the main centre where most treatment plans are carried out, Pro Care Physio also provides in-house physiotherapy services in panel clinics.


Pro Care Physio aims to provide wholesome, holistic services which not only focus on patients’ current conditions, but also their lifestyle post-treatment. Hence, the treatment plans are constructed based on advanced technology and specific skills to ensure a speedy and effective recovery process, while ensuring maximum comfort and compatibility along the course of treatment. The range of services provided extends from manual therapy to exercise rehabilitation, therapeutic modalities, and to advanced treatment services involving the uses of cutting-edge technology such as spinal decompression therapy.


The physiotherapists from Pro Care Physio are well-trained to provide a wide array of treatment options and methods for patients with various conditions. However, the centre is well-known for its efficiency in treating patients with slipped disc conditions. Our centre offers a complete Spinal Decompression Rehabilitation programme to treat and aid patients suffering from chronic neck and back pains caused by slipped disc or any spine-related condition. This programme is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the healing process, blood circulation, and the strength and mobility to a patient’s spine
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Copyright © 2021 by Pro Care Physio. All rights reserved.
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