Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic Ultrasound

The Therapeutic Ultrasound therapy increases blood flow in the treated area which speeds the healing process. The Ultrasound waves also gently massage the muscles, tendons and/or ligaments in the treated area. This enhances the recovery rate of damaged tissue without adding strain, and softens any scar tissue that is usually present in an injured area.

Interferential Current Therapy

Helps to initiate natural pain killers (Endorphin) which to help diminish your pain. Ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms often respond to this treatment, increase blood circulation that’s leads to aid in reducing the swelling of soft tissues and to aid the promotion of soft tissue healing. Russian stimulation helping to reduce atrophy and strengthening muscle.

Cold and Heat Pack

Temperature alterations from cold and heat pack have four main effects on the body tissues that are superficial to the skin, including pain relief (analgesia), muscle relaxation, blood vessel alterations, and connective tissue effects.

Cold pack - best for joints conditions and fresh injuries in soft tissue.

Heat pack - best for soft tissue relaxation and joint stiffness.


TENS help to reduced pain and muscle relaxation. EMS help to stimulate and initiated weaker muscle.

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a form of hand skills apply by the physiotherapists to mobilize and manipulate soft tissue and joints. Which help restoration of normal mobility and biomechanics helps to relieve pain and discomfort.

DTS Traction

Spinal Decompression is used to create a slowly lengthens and decompresses the spine to relieve pressure on the nerve roots by taking pressure off the discs. This reversal of pressure creates an intradiscal space that help to reposition bulging disc and pull extruded disc material back into place, taking pressure off pinched nerves. Spinal experts believe that the nutrients, oxygen, and fluids are drawn into the disc to create a revitalized environment conducive to healing. The device we use is called the Chattanooga Triton DTS traction system.

Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic modalities frequently used by physiotherapists to stimulate, maintain, return or speed up the anatomy and physiology structure health of an individual. Therapeutic modalities helps for pain relief, relaxation, blood vessel temperature alteration, reduced inflammation, and also to speed up soft tissue healing process.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is a category of movement-based techniques that emphasizes the restoration of functional independence. Patients will be required to take an active role while guided through movements that aim to establish adequate workout posture mobility, stability, balance, proprioception, breathing, and strength throughout the neuro-musculoskeletal system. This approach develops a mixture of traditional physical therapy techniques with modern corrective exercise and strength and conditioning techniques.

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