Shoulder Joint

The risk of injuries to shoulder joint is high because, it’s designed extremely mobile to do wide and versatile range of movement. Common condition we treat in shoulder joint are strain/sprain, rotator Cuff Tendonitis, rotator Cuff Tear, SLAP tear, subluxation, "Frozen" shoulder/adhesive capsulitis, impingement syndrome, bursitis, bicep tendonitis, supraspinatus tendinitis and arthritis. At Pro Care Physio, we also provide post-off Shoulder Surgeries rehabilitation.

Elbow Joint

Elbow pain is usually due to injuries in the tendons around the elbow by sports injury or overuse. Common conditions are “Tennis” elbow/ lateral epicondylitis, "Golfer's" elbow/ medial epicondylitis, strain/sprain, bicep tendonitis, tricep tendonitis, radioulnar joint instability and arthritis.

Wrist and Hand

Usually repetitive motion caused injuries in wrist and hand. Common condition in wrist are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (median nerve compression), De Quervain's tenosynovitis, strain/ sprain and fracture.

Hip Joint

Hip injuries tend to result pain in hip joint, groin, upper thigh or buttock is generally caused by muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues that surround hip joint. Sometimes, hip pain can occur as secondary conditions to lower back or knees. Common condition in hip are strain/sprain, arthritis/degenerative joint disease, fractures, labral Tear, bursitis, piriformis syndrome, ITB (Ilio-Tibial Band) syndrome and Contusion.

Knee Joint

Knee is one of the most commonly injured joints due to the complexity design of the joint and it’s an active weight-bearing joint. Knee injuries very common in sports. Common condition in knee are strain /sprain, arthritis, femur/tibia fractures, patella fractures, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains/tears, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) sprains/tears, medial collateral/ lateral collateral ligament (MCL/ LCM sprain/tears, meniscus injuries/tears, chondromalacia patella, patello-femoral pain syndrome, contusion, ITB (Ilio-Tibial Band) syndrome and patella tendonitis.

Ankle Joint

Ankle and foot problems usually developed by repetitive wear and tear and also result by improper foot wear. The ankle and foot injuries frequently occur during sports or recreational activities. It’s also may occur during work-related tasks. Common conditions are strains/sprains,tibia/fibula fractures, bunions,plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, posterior tibialis tendonitis, achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, shin splints and heel spurs.

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Spine-Related Conditions

The most prevalent musculoskeletal condition that cause long term pain and physical disabilities is neck and back disorders which strongly associate with the symptom related to spinal disorders. Pain related with the back and neck are the most common public health disorders in the world. Spine- related conditions are prolonged condition that naturally cause chronic pain in the spine with or without affecting the arm or leg. In frequently the disorder can affect other parts of the body.

Headache & Migraine

Most of time headaches and migraines arise from the neck (upper cervical) region. Which normally associated with spinal related disorders in neck that leads tight neck muscles. The tight muscle can cause the vertebra in the cervical spine out of alignment and also occiput misalignment which causes nerve irritation and ultimately, pain. Headache and migraine also can arise due to Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) or Jaw problems.

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